【中英双语】推动中希交流–荆楚文化使者带来李时珍IP新动作 Promoting exchanges between China and Greece—Jingchu cultural envoy brings new Initiatives of Li Shizhen IP

“In recent years, young people from different countries around the world have increasingly valued and loved traditional Chinese culture with its oriental mystique. I believe that now is the best time to set sail for Chinese traditional culture to go global.” Recently, Mr. Yang Cheng, the founder of Dongbi Cultural Media, embarked on the third stop of the “Dongbi Journey to the West” – Hello Greece. He flew thousands of miles to Greece for a “pilgrimage” from Wuhan, expressing his thoughts in an interview with Xihua News. During his days in Athens, Mr. Yang carried with him highly valued symbols of traditional Chinese culture, which have gained considerable competitiveness in the international cultural IP field. Representing one of the images of Jingchu culture, “Mr. Dongbi” met the “Father of Medicine” in the West, Hippocrates, in his homeland, creating a virtual encounter between these two medical saints from the East and the West.


Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization. What impressed you the most after coming to Greece?


Mr. Yang: Coming to the homeland of the Western “Father of Medicine”: Hippocrates, one can see everywhere, in museums or on the streets, the respect people have for Hippocrates and the profound impact he has had on the medical field for future generations.


Has Greece inspired new ideas for your creations? Could you share that with the readers?


Mr. Yang: The architecture, sculptures, paintings, and other artworks in this city all reflect the rational, free, aesthetic, and humanistic spirit of Greece. What is most worthy of our attention is Greece’s reverence and pursuit of knowledge and learning, its understanding of happiness and a good life, and its emphasis on individual spiritual freedom and physical well-being, all of which inspire us in our creative process.


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, you collaborated with the internationally renowned jewelry designer Lin Hongyu to design and produce 60 Sino-French friendship platinum rings, symbolizing the spirit of friendship between China and France. So, during your visit to Greece, do you have plans to launch new works? Could you share any ideas in your mind?


Mr. Yang: Ancient Greece had Hippocrates, and Chinese civilization had Li Shizhen, both of whom were giants in medicine and had a profound impact on the medical field for future generations. We come from Qichun, Hubei, the hometown of Li Shizhen, and the Dong Bi Cultural Media Company in Wuhan has been devoted to creating the Dong Bi IP for more than six years, inheriting and innovating traditional Chinese culture and spreading it globally.



During this visit to Greece, we are trying to ground, showcase, and disseminate the classic quotes and spirits of these two figures through various cultural mediums, allowing more people worldwide to understand the similarities and differences between Chinese and Western cultures. For example, Hippocrates’ profound sayings about medicine and life, such as “Life is short, and the art is long,” “Opportunities are rare, experimentation is risky, but decisive action is precious,” and “Place your hope in nature,” these life experiences resonate with people and still offer inspiration today. Li Shizhen’s expression of “Studying things to understand principles” is a traditional concept in Chinese culture, which aligns with the spirit of benefiting society, exploring tirelessly, and daring to innovate.

The Greek people have a strong interest in ancient civilizations of the East, including China. How do you think we can make the Greek people understand Chinese culture better? What are the most important areas in this endeavor? What is your action plan to promote the cultural exchange between these two great countries?

希华时讯: 希腊人民对东方文明古国中国抱有浓厚的兴趣,您认为应该如何让希腊民众了解中国文化?而其中,最重要的有哪些领域? 您希望为中希两国文化交流具体做什么?

Mr. Yang: The excellent traditional Chinese culture is the crystallization of Chinese civilization’s wisdom and essence, embodying a unique value system, cultural connotations, and spiritual qualities in how Chinese people view the world, society, and life. This is the foundation of our confidence and strength. We cannot simply replicate traditional culture but must “use the rules of the ancients to create our own new rules.”


During this trip, we hope to establish in-depth cultural exchanges and mutual learning with Greece and expand the depth and breadth. Specifically:


一、In the Western art tradition, ancient Greek sculpture holds a very important position, reaching the pinnacle of artistic creation in the field of aesthetics. It demonstrates the optimism and indomitable spirit of the Greeks, as well as the humanistic and philosophical ideals prevalent in that era. We aim to engage in a “dialogue” between Mr. Dongbi Li Shizhen and the two medical giants, Hippocrates and Galen, through artistic works based on sculpture, documenting the indelible beauty marks belonging to our era and culture. By paying tribute to the spirit and philosophy of Mr. Dongbi and Hippocrates through artistic expression, we express the deep desire of both China and Greece to deepen cultural exchanges, reflecting contemporary emotions, thoughts, and viewpoints.


二、Actively promote academic visits to universities in the two countries, including Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hubei University of Technology, and promote the academic practice and achievement transformation of Chinese and Western traditional medicine culture and IP innovation laboratories.


三、In 2010, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) included “Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and Moxibustion” in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Moxibustion to dispel cold, moxa fumigation for disinfection and sterilization, eating and hanging moxa during the Dragon Boat Festival, and moxa bathing are closely linked to Chinese history, folklore, diet, seasonal customs, and other cultural aspects. We hope to bring the essence of Qi’ai, a representative of the Jingchu region in Mr. Dongbi’s hometown of Qichun, Hubei Province, together with acupuncture and moxibustion, to Greece. This will allow the unique natural, life, disease, and prevention views of traditional Chinese medicine, as well as the philosophical concept of “harmony between heaven and humans,” to blend and collide in Greece, sparking new inspiration and ideas.


四、Pushing forward traditional Chinese cultural IP into the international arena of artistic innovation, Dongbi Culture has collaborated with domestic universities for academic projects over the years, accelerating the exploration of cultural integration with digital and tangible industries. Enabling cultural empowerment for the digital economy and deep integration with tangible industrial economies is in line with the inevitable needs of modern development. Creating an internationally competitive IP image represented by Jingchu culture, the Dongbi Cultural Innovation Center and Dongbi IP Academic Research Center serve as dual drivers. Through various forms such as urban gifts, literature, film and television dramas, animation movies, etc., the focus is on the diversified development of Dongbi’s IP in multiple roles and content. This is applied to achieve integration across art, film and television, luxury brands, trendy toys, gourmet food, and many other scenes. Continuously exploring more interesting and enjoyable user experiences, unlocking more theme applications that resonate with mainstream markets, and creating a super IP symbol in the hearts of the younger generation of Chinese people. This is aimed at better restoring and protecting the spirit of China represented by Li Shizhen.